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Using Vevox with PowerPoint


Vevox’s PowerPoint add-in is the complete package for adding polls to your PowerPoint presentation. This integration ensures you can keep impressing your audience with the same presentation platform you are used to without having to leave slide mode. As an official Microsoft Office add-in, all the features work seamlessly within PowerPoint.

Getting Started with PowerPoint Polling

Add polls straight into your presentation whether your participants are online, remote, or gathered together. They can answer live polling questions with their own mobile devices. Anyone with a basic understanding of PowerPoint can create and run live polling questions in seconds. You will need to install the PowerPoint add-in with a few simple steps.  

Note: The PowerPoint add-in from Vevox is only available for PC. It does not currently work on Mac IOS.

Video - Getting Started with PowerPoint Polling

Video - How to Set up PowerPoint Polling

This video explains how to set up your laptop for PowerPoint polling.

Choosing between using Present view to ask your polls or the PowerPoint add-in

When you have to decide between using Present view to ask your polls or PowerPoint take the following into consideration:

  • Present view is optimized to offer all the different Vevox polling types. PowerPoint add-in supports only the multichoiceword cloudstar ratingnumeric and open text polling types.
  • PowerPoint combines asking the participants polls as well as share all your other slide information without having to switch screens.
  • Present view offers a dynamic display - showing all the results as they come in, whereas PowerPoint will show each poll result after the poll has been closed.
  • Only the PowerPoint add-in offers analysis slides that can compare polls and total a series of poll results as well. 
  • When using the PowerPoint add-in with open text polling, the results will not display on the slide, but only in the data report.
  • The PowerPoint add-in offers count-down clocks with sound that increases the excitement level.
  • Both Present view and PowerPoint add-in offer leaderboard scores for quizzes. 


  • When using PowerPoint to ask your polls, all the polls must be set up in PowerPoint, and NOT in the Vevox dashboard.
  • Microsoft Presenter View is not supported in Vevox. Should you receive a warning notification, asking you if you would like to turn off Presenter view, select this 'Yes' option, as it interferes with how the Vevox polling animations are performing.