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Vevox Session Information


The content below covers the following:

  • How Sessions Work
  • How to Start a Session
  • How to End a Session
  • How long can My Session Stay Open?
  • Restarting a Session
  • Troubleshooting

How Sessions Work

Sessions in Vevox are controlled by the Session Status.  This is the place where you start your session and end your session

The session status will appear in the drop-down menu of the Session information panel of your dashboard.

A session can either be:

  • Started: The session is active and available for participants to join.
  • Waiting: The session is ready to begin, participants can join the session but cannot access the messaging or polling.
  • Stopped: The session is inactive and cannot be found by participants.

When you first create a new session it will always begin in the waiting state. 

Note: For the majority of our accounts, you may only have one started session at any time. All  Enterprise plans for Business as well as Pro & Institution plans for Education however, can run concurrent sessions and have more than one session in starting status at any time.

How to Start a Session

  1. When opening the session card, a warning message will appear at the top, asking you to start your session. Press the 'Start session' option. 
  2. Alternatively use the session information panel drop-down and select the 'Start session' option.

If you attempt to start a session whilst you already have one running you will be warned that by continuing to start this session will result in the other active session being put into a waiting state.

Any participants that are connected to a session will be disconnected when the session is stopped.

How to End a Session

  1. From the sessions list (click on the Vevox logo top left corner) choose the relevant session card.
  2. Go to the session information panel in the middle top of your screen and press the drop-down arrow.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the 'End session' button. Your session will now be stopped. 

Note: Don't forget to set your session status to started, before your meeting session begins.

Editing a Session Name

When you create your session for the first time, you are asked to give your session a name under the general session info section. But if you decide you need to change it, there is always an option of going back and changing it.

To edit a session name:

  1. Go to your sessions list by clicking on Vevox logo top left (from the dashboard) or on the green sessions tab depending on where you are.
  2. On the session you want to change press the 'more options' (or three dots) icon.
  3. Select 'Settings'.
  4. Edit the name of the session.
  5. Press 'Save'.

How Long can My Session Stay Open?

Your session can stay open for as long as you wish, or until you start a new session and put it in 'started mode', in which case the current session will go move into the waiting state. 

Restarting a Session

When you have ended your session to work on another session,  you can restart the original session at any time. The system will automatically put other sessions into the waiting state. 

What is a Session List?

The sessions list is a list where all your sessions have been set up together in your dashboard. When you are looking for a previous session, be it a polling session, survey or quiz – it will all be grouped together in this sessions list location.   

After your session has been set up and edits done within the dashboard, you can reach your session list. Simply click on the 'Vevox logo' in the top left-hand corner of your dashboard. 

The sessions list gives an overview of your previous & current sessions. From the sessions list it is easy to see what the current session status is, whether it has been started or has it been stopped. 

The session list can be viewed in tile format or in a list format when clicking the list view option. Apart from changing your session view format, you can also search for sessions with the search bar.  

What is a Session Card?

Each session is called a session card and can easily be changed & edited from within the session list. 

A session card provides a quick summary of the specific session details.

It shows:

  • The session name & 9 digit Session ID
  • The session status. 
  • How many participants are taking part in the polling. 
  • How many Q&A comments have been received. 
  • How many Q&A comments have been up-voted or liked.  

From the session card you can use the shortcut to view the session in the dashboard or have quick access to the data reporting. When the session is already started, it takes you straight to present view. 

You can select the options menu (three dots) next to the session name to: 

  1. Change the session settings 
  2. Duplicate the session 
  3. Invite participants or 
  4. Delete the session 


If you are trying to start a new session, but it won't start and stays in 'waiting mode', try refreshing your page.

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