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Content Review Process

The Content Review Process

Content Review is an important part of the maintainance of your website.  The CMS allows you to set a review date on each individual piece of content. You will then receive a review date email reminder containing a link to the piece of content.  You should access this link and review the content to ensure it is accurate, accessible and relevant. You should set a review date on all key pieces of content within your site. Setting these reviews will also help to promote good practice in reviewing sections as a whole to ensure updates are carried out as required.

Once a review date has been set, you can also see the list of upcoming content reviews under the Welcome tab on your CMS homepage dashboard.  You can access this dashboard at any time by clicking the Terminalfour icon located on the top left corner of the screen.

There are many examples of why you should set content review dates, including:

  • Date and time sensitive content
  • Content containing links to other internal and external sites, to ensure no links are broken
  • Content that can be renewed and updated bi-annually and annually
  • Content containing legal guidelines/protocols/disclaimers
  • Graduation schedules
  • Semester Start Dates
  • Summer Scheme Course Fees
  • Training resources

Step 1 - Setting a Review Date

  1. Open the piece of content
  2. Click the Options tab
  3. Click in the Review Date field
  4. By default, today's date and nearest time are selected. You can change this to set a different date and time, as required. For example, you may need to set a review date for 2 weeks or 3 months in the future.  
  5. Click Save.  You do not need to Approve the content for the Review Date to work.  Although if you have also made editorial changes to the piece of content, you should Preview and Approve as required.

The Review Date field:

The Review Date field

Step 2 - Content Review Alerts

There are 3 ways to see content that have upcoming review dates:

  1. An email alert reminding you to review content
  2. The Review Content list on your Welcome screen
  3. The Content Health Dashboard, located under the Content Health tab on your Welcome screen

Email Alert

Your content review email alert will look like this:

Click on the link in the email to directly access the content in edit mode within the CMS.

The Review Content list on your Welcome screen

When you log in to the CMS, before clicking on Site Structure, you will see the homepage dashboard screen containing 3 tabs: Welcome, Content Health and Recent Content Activity.  To check content items due for review, scroll down to view the Review Content list.

The Review Content list under the Welcome tab will look like this:

A List of Review Dates
The Review Content list on Welcome Screen

The Content Health Dashboard

Under the Content Health tab you will see 3 tables showing Past Review Dates, Review Date Upcoming and Expired Content.

The Review Dates dashboard under the Content Health tab
Click on each content title link to directly access the content in edit mode

Step 3 - Resetting a Review Date

  • Set a new review date on any piece of content that already had a review date applied.
  • Amend an existing review date before it has passed.

Setting a New Review Date

Once a review date has passed, it is removed from the Review Date field, located under the Options tab in the piece of content.
You should continue to add new review dates on key pieces of content by following the Setting a Review date guidance.

Changing an Upcoming Review Date

Before a review date has been reached, you can amend it at any time.  For example, if you need to shorten or extend the date, simply open the piece of content in edit mode, click on the Options tab and choose a new date and time by clicking in the Review Date field.  Save your changes.