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Clearing students share their stories

Our students from London, Brighton and Isle of Man talk about their clearing experiences.

Joshua Popham, Brighton
BA Spanish and Portuguese
Emily Romeril, London
BA Philosophy and Politics
Jude McEvoy, London
BSc Economics with Finance
Alishia O'Boyle, Isle of Man

“I was guaranteed accommodation”

I'd never heard of Queen's
The way my clearing process worked out meant a lot of university places had gone. I was getting a re-mark. Four days had passed. I felt really unwanted. So, when Queen's contacted me I thought ‘well, someone actually wants me to come here’ – That was a big deal for me.
It's a really well-respected University
When you hear Queen's is in the top one per cent of global universities, you think, 'well, WOW.' I spoke to my teacher, she told me it was a really well-respected university and I should definitely take the opportunity. When I came over I had a campus tour with a Recruitment Manager. He was such a lovely guy! He was another big selling point, he actually wanted me to come to Queen's!
I wanted to feel I was making the right decision
On the day, one of my future lecturers sat down and chatted to me for an hour. The day went so well, I sat in George Best Belfast City Airport and thought, 'You know what, I'm going to do it.' I wanted to feel like I was making the right decision - I did.
I'm really happy here
Classes are really small. I know my lecturers well. The same lecturer I spoke to on my visit still stops for chats with me. It's really nice. Plus, it's actually quicker getting home – it only takes me 45 minutes to fly from here. I'm much happier here than I think I would have been in any other university.

“Sometimes it works out better”

Check your UCAS
On results day, I was super nervous. I opened the envelope to find out I didn't have the grades I needed to get into Queen's. My heart sank because I really wanted to go to Queen's. I went to see one of my teachers about one of my grades which I didn't understand. She said 'have you looked at your UCAS?' – which is one of the first things you should really do.
Queen's offered me a different degree path
I found out I was pending at Queen's, which meant Queen's was still making a decision about giving me a place. About three days later I found out my UCAS had changed and Queen's was now offering me a different degree path.
I decided to go with it
I called Queen’s and the staff were really helpful explaining the change of degree. I decided to go with it, to change degree path and I’m loving it here. Sometimes because you initially don’t get what you wanted, sometimes it works out better.

“The course was right for me in a great place such as Queen’s”

It's very important to think about options
So, results day is a huge day building towards your future and I’m sure your parents teachers and friends put loads of pressure on you. For me, it was difficult opening the letter and not quite getting the grades and thinking, what’s next? There’s so much going through your mind. After two years working towards what you want to do, to suddenly thinking: 'it's not going to happen' is difficult. It’s very important to think about the other options.
I sat down and started looking online
I saw Queen’s, it flipped a switch in my mind. So, I rang them up. I was waiting on a remark, and during that time, they phoned me to check up if I was ok. This made me feel wanted and welcomed and an indication Queen's was a place I could see myself coming to.
After my grade was re-marked, I phoned Queen’s straight away
It turned out to be good and what I needed. I spoke to a man on the phone who was very friendly and congratulated me. He'd spoken to the head of the course.
There was a place for me
It just made me feel so relieved that, after the last week-and-a-half of stress, I could go to university and Queen's was going to be the place for me.
The course was right
What was great, also was the fact that there was a guaranteed place in accommodation so I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to live. But the main thing above all was the course was right for me in a great place such as Queen's.

“Northern Ireland offered something different”

I got my place at Queen’s University quite late
Before I got my results, I was all set to go to a different university. I had got my accommodation all sorted. But then I decided to change universities at the last minute.
A different experience from English universities
A week before results day I thought I had probably done well in my exams and maybe exceeded the criteria for my first choice university. I thought it would be really cool to go somewhere different. So, when I got my results, I opted for Queen’s.
The clearing team at Queen’s was really helpful
Pending a confirmation, they confirmed a place for me a few hours after my call.
It was definitely a good decision
Two days later I got a link confirming my accommodation. I booked my flights to Belfast and it’s great!