Update on Start Dates

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to affect societies globally and many of your students are considering their options at this time. To support offer-holders, Queen’s has revised start dates for a number of postgraduate Master’s programmes for the academic year 2020-21. To be clear:

(I) For some programmes, there will be an option of choosing either September 2020 or January 2021 start date. In this case, offer-holders may choose the option which best suits their circumstances.

(II) For some programmes, September 2020 start date option will no longer be offered, and all students will be invited to start the course in January 2021 instead.

(III) For remaining programmes, September 2020 start date still applies.

Which Programmes?

For information on individual programme start dates where there is an alternative or revised start date, please refer to the table below which we will continue to update as other options become available. Where a programme is not referenced at present, please assume a September 2020 start date only – if this changes, we will update the table to reflect the change.

Next steps

Offer-holders from all the programmes listed in the table below will receive an email to inform of new start date options. They will be invited to complete a form to confirm their preferred choice and their application will be updated accordingly. 


Y= Yes, programme is offered
N = No, programme is not offered

Delivery Model

To support the additional January start date, applicants may be interested to know how the programme will be delivered.  Queen’s have decided to use the following delivery models which are indicate on the table below:

Delivery Model 1 – Students will undertake 3 taught modules from January 2021 – April 2021.   Students will then undertake their dissertation from May 2021 – August 2021 and will undertake the final 3 taught models from September 2021 – December 2021

Delivery Model 2 – Students will undertake 6 taught modules from January 2021 – August 2021.  Students will then undertake their dissertation from September 2021 – December 2021.


September 2020

January 2021 

Delivery Model

Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences    

School of Arts, English and Languages     MA Translating  Model 1
MA Interpreting    Model 2 
School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work (SSESW)  MSc TESOL  Bespoke 
Queen’s Management School (QMS)         MSc Accounting and Finance  TBC 
MSc Finance  TBC 
MSc Risk and Investment Management  TBC 
MSc Quantitative Finance  TBC 
MSc International Business  TBC 
MSc Management  TBC 
MSc Marketing  TBC 
MSc Business Analytics  TBC 

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences     

School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EEECS)   Electronics   Model 2 
Electronics with Professional Internship   Model 2 
Applied Cyber Security  N Y Model 2 
Applied Cyber Security with Professional Internship N Y Model 2 
School of Mathematics and Physics   Materials Science and Engineering   Model 1 
Materials Science and Engineering with Professional Internship  Model 1 
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering    Mechanical Engineering with Management   Model 2 
Mechanical Engineering with Management and Industrial Internship   Model 2 
School of Natural and Built Environment     Building Information Modelling Project Management (BIMPM)  Model 1  
Construction and Project Management (CPM)   Model 1  
Construction and Project Management with Industrial Internship   Model 1  
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Pharmaceutical Analysis   Y Model 2 

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences    

School of Biological Sciences MSc Advanced Food Safety Y Y Model 1 
MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Y Y Model 1 
MSc Sustainable Development Y Y Model 1 
MSc Sustainable Rural Development Y Y Model 1 
School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences  MPH Public Health Y Y Model 1 
MPH Global Health  Model 1 
School of Nursing and Midwifery MSc Advanced Professional Practice Y Y Bespoke 
School of Pharmacy MSc Industrial Pharmaceutics TBC TBC Bespoke 


Social distancing measures are likely to be in place, which means that large group teaching, and some other aspects of learning, will initially be delivered online. However, we are keen to deliver small group teaching and tutorials face to face as safely and as early as possible.