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Getting ready for the latest VLE

The new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for Queen's, Canvas, is already in use on some modules and due to be rolled out across the whole university by September 2019. Mediasite makes the perfect companion to your Canvas course.

Canvas by Instructure logo - same ratio as 1600x767

Mediasite content is accessible from within the Canvas course editor, and if you're a Mediasite user you can also access the My Mediasite portal from within Canvas. This means that you can record media on the fly (with the help of Mediasite Desktop Recorder), tweak sharing settings and embed content into your course without leaving Canvas.

Using Mediasite to host your recorded lectures, events and other video/slideshow/audio content means that you won't use up your allocated storage on Canvas, and also has other benefits provided by Mediasite's search, transcription and accessibility features.

For more information on using Mediasite with Canvas, check out the Mediasite in Canvas Guide on the Canvas team's blog.

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