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Latest Upgrade to Mediasite Services

A major update to Mediasite infrastructure was implemented in January 2020. This upgrade includes brand new hardware and some software improvements.

Screenshot of My Mediasite interface after 7.2.2 update 2019

Addtional servers

In January 2020 the new servers went live with version 7.2.3 Build 3940 of Mediasite Video Platform (MVP). The upgrade provides a large number of improvements:

  • Brand new, faster servers to improve processing time and speed of response;
  • Processing of videos has increased 300%/

Next steps

This update is in line with the Information Services Directorate's drive towards greater usage of interactive technology and visual media across Queen's University Belfast and its associated colleges.

It also paves the way towards the directorate's aim of increased lecture capture. Look out for more updates to what we can provide!

Our main focus now is the integration of closed captioning (subtitling services) within the Mediasite system.

If you have any queries, contact us at

For technical support, please file a ticket on the IT Service Desk (using category Services | Learning and Teaching | Mediasite).

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Learning and Teaching | Information Services Directorate