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Connecting China

Local solutions to global issues - Media Services and JISC provide Pharmacy with a media delivery solution to Queen's Medical Campus in China.

Delivering rich media across the globe is tricky business, especially for education where content has to be high quality, always available on demand but at the same time remaining secure. 

Making use of DANTE's OrientPlus link, a new high speed fibre link from London to Beijing along with careful traffic routing were the 2 most important factors in the success of this project. With significant input from global networking experts at JISC along with help from colleagues at the School of Pharmacy lecture capture recordings and other educational material created in QUB and managed in the Mediasite environment to be shared with student in the newly formed China Queen's College (CQC). 

The second part of the challenge was to get good connectivity to the accommodation blocks as well as the Campus. Like our student halls here in Belfast, internet connectivity is provided by commercial China telecom providers. Again, with the help of JISC, paths and routes were examined close to ensure that the information was being transferred in the most efficient route possible. 

Dr. Dan Corbett from the School of Pharmacy commented “The Mediasite team have offered exceptional, and continuous support for China Queen’s College at every step of the way. This new endeavour, which allows the delivery of QUB degrees at a remote campus in Shenyang, requires a significant amount of teaching support from a distance, and with this, a significant amount of technical support and knowledge. Mediasite has been pivotal in the delivery of these courses, ensuring content delivery that is stable, fast, and problem free. This support has undoubtedly offered a direct and tangible benefit for the students and staff at the College. The Team have also made use of their substantial knowledge of educational network provision to ensure that the success of these educational technologies will continue as the College develops.”