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Wednesday 16th Welcome to Mediasite 60 mins 10:30am Welcome to Mediasite
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Training and Resources

Guides, training and FAQs

Mediasite requires no specialist knowledge to use it, however there are some training resources available to help you to be more productive with it.

Training Dates

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Mediasite FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Do we already have the answer to your question?

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Video Library

Task specific, short tutorials

Be it publishing to a shared folder or registering the Desktop Recorder, these short videos are designed to help with specific tasks. If you have any requests for short tutorial videos please email

Video Library
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Tools for the job

Equipment matters. Get the best results by selecting the right tool for the job. The Mediasite team has loan equipment available for trial and can offer advice on all aspects of audio-visual peripherals.


Content creation

Create great content

With a number of options available, this handy guide will help you make some choices as you begin your journey!


Further resources

Useful forms, tools and links

This section is dedicated to a wide range of tools, guides and links. From advice on copyright through to making the most of analytics, this section will help with a range of on-line media activities. Again, suggestions and improvements are very welcome.

Further resources

Step by Step videos

Video Library