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Can I upload copyrighted content to Mediasite?

Can I upload copyrighted content to Mediasite?

No. Unless:

  • this material is covered by (and used within the restrictions of) the university's Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence (see Broadcast Content for Education)


  • express, written, signed permission has been obtained from the copyright owner and passed to the Mediasite team. This must include:
    • details of the specific content being uploaded;
    • allowed usage of the material.

Copyright is an important issue. The term 'educational use' unfortunately is not a license to use any content you like, and while some content may be available for review and critique purposes, is by no means a catch-all solution. This applies to many kinds of media, including still images, video footage and audio recordings.

If you need to find content for use in your presentations that can be used legally and featured in recorded videos on Mediasite (or elsewhere), a wealth of media can be found online under the Creative Commons (CC) agreements. Still images, for instance, can be found through the Creative Commons image serach, as well as Google's advanced image searchFlickr and many other sources that categorise media by their CC agreements. It is worth noting that some agreements require you to attribute the content to its original creator, which can be done easily and discreetly in your presentation, and is generally good practice anyway.

If wish to use existing media such as infographics, diagrams, music, video etc. that are not published under CC agreements, quite often a simple email to the owner, seeking permission for their use, may be all that is required.

If you have any queries, contact the  team.

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