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Do I need permission to record other people?

Do I need permission to record other people?

The short answer is yes, you do. To obtain proof of this permission, get the participants in the recording to sign a release form.

This is available here (click): 

In more detail:

  • If you record only yourself, and only content that you have created (i.e. your presentation contains no copyrighted content) you do not need to sign a release form.
  • If a member of staff is recorded while in the course of their duties (i.e. teaching), permission is not specifically required as the content they create is owned by the university as standard educational practice. However it doesn't hurt to obtain a release form if uncertain.
  • In all other situations, such as students, visiting lecturers/business people, or where a presentation is to include copyrighted material, a release form is required.

Groups of people / audiences:

  • It is best to avoid filming groups of people, as it can be difficult to obtain permission from them. However, where people may be caught on camera, such as in an audience at a filmed event, at minimum it should be made clear to all people present that the event is being filmed, and that if they have an objection to being on film they should make themselves known to the person in charge of filming.

If you have any legal queries regarding content, contact the  team.

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Jisc (formerly the Joint Information Systems Committee) has produced this detailed guidance: Recording lectures: legal considerations

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