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FAQ - What is Mediasite the video platform?

Mediasite is a video and media platform managed and fully supported by Queen's University Belfast Information Services. It affords University staff the ability to create, manage and distribute video content, presentations and podcasts.

Mediasite integrates with learning environments such as QOL, Moodle and Canvas, and can also be used with the Content Managment System (CMS), WordPress blogs and SharePoint. It is a one-stop shop for all of your media content.

As well as providing a platform, Mediasite also provides tools (Mediasite Desktop Recorder and MyMediasite) which allow you to create, manage and share your own content, using your own devices. See the video below for more information:

The Mediasite team also provides the following additional services:

  • As a media server, Mediasite is able to host audio podcasts (such as this one) and provide an RSS feed to allow these podcasts to be fed seamlessly to iTunes, Spotify and other podcast clients. Get in touch with us if you'd like to this to be set up. Expected lead time is 1 week.
  • We can record and/or live-stream special lectures or events, using Mediasite technology (for instance capturing a video of a presenter as well as their onscreen slideshow presentation).  with us if you'd like to book us or to find out what is available. Notice required before the event is 4 weeks, depending on required technical setup and staff scheduling.

Finally, Mediasite is entirely capable of managing and automating campus-wide lecture capture, when integrated with a number of other systems in the university (such as room bookings, teaching modules and the VLE). However this currently requires investment, not only in these systems, but also in the teaching room audio and video recording infrastructure acros the campus. The long-term goal of the team is to realise this capability by working with other sections of the university and provide a robust lecture capture solution across Queen's and its subsidiary colleges.

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