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Help! When trying to watch my video, viewers are getting an error message.

Help! When trying to watch my video, viewers are getting an error message.

The two most likely errors are:

Error summary: You are not authorized to view the requested content

  • This appears when the security settings are not correct on the video (see )


 Error: You currently don't have access to this application. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is an error.

  • This appears when the URL (web link) provided to users is incorrect.

The URL, or web address, that you share with your viewers is a direct link to view the video. It should look like:[ID number]

If it does not look like the above link, it is incorrect. For instance, you might have mistakenly copied the My Mediasite URL from your browser address bar. This would only send a viewer to the editing/details page for the video, and is inaccessible to anyone without a Mediasite user account.

The correct link can be obtained from My Mediasite by doing the following:

  • Go to the details page of the video in question;
  • Go to the Share section on the right hand side;
  • Click on the Share Presentation button:
    Popup window with options to share Mediasite presentation.
  • Beside the Quick Link field, click on the Copy button.

The link can then be pasted into an email, a website, or whatever media you are using to propogate the video.

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