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How can I add Mediasite content to Canvas?

How can I add Mediasite content to Canvas?

Canvas is the new virtual learning environment (VLE) for Queen's. Mediasite is integrated into Canvas, so you can manage your Mediasite content and add videos to your courses without leaving the Canvas interface. It also has the benefit of not using up your limited storage space on the Canvas server.

Using the Tools Option at the TOP of the new style canvas editor, look for the Mediasite App (see below)

Embed Canvas Gif

Once you have this a larger window will open, allowing you to pick your Video.


Embed Canvas - Full GIF

If you then search for/select your video presentation from the following popup window and insert by selecting "player only", this will embed a copy of the player for your students to press to watch the content. The other options include linking to the video.



How to player looks in Canvas

It will be inserted into your Canvas page and students won't be prompted to log in to watch it.


For instructions on how to use Mediasite within Canvas, see the Mediasite in Canvas Guide on the Canvas team's blog.

We also have a course that you can access here which further covers other features.


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