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How can I download my video/presentation?

How can I download my video/presentation?

Requirement for download

Firstly, have a think about whether you need to download your presentation or not. It may be that simply sharing a link to your presentation on Mediasite (or embedding it) will be better for you. The advantages of just sharing or embedding your Mediasite presentation from the server, include:

  • Playback of multiple streams simultaneously (i.e. camera and screen);
  • Always up-to-date, so that any video edits, changing of slides, alterations to information, are always reflected in the playable link;
  • Collaborative access, so that other members of your team (if they have been given access) can work together and make alterations as needed;
  • Subtitles, if they have been applied.

There are also a few points to note about the downloadable format. When requested, Mediasite generates a static video file, which is referred to in Mediasite as a vodcast. This is in an easily transferable format, for you to download. Because this is just a single video file:

  • If your presentation has multiple streams (e.g. camera and screen), they will be combined into a single standard-resolution video, with borders surrounding the streams. As a result this will be a lower viewable resolution (video quality) per stream than the format displayed on the server;
  • There is no browseable slide file generated (such as a .pptx or .pdf); only the video file, which will display the slides as a video stream.

If you are downloading in order to transfer to YouTube or similar video service, please see 

So, in general, we recommend against downloading the presentation where possible, but we do recognise that in some circumstances you may wish to do so.



To make a presentation downloadable:

  • Browse to (or search for) your video in My Mediasite.
  • Click on the video thumbnail or title to enter the presentation summary page.
  • Click on Edit Details, at the top right of the page navigation.
  • Browse to the Delivery tab, below the video preview.
  • Select the Vodcast checkbox.
  • Choose a Vodcast project. These are different settings by which to encode the downloaded video. The following selection will be available:
    Listing of available vodcast formats, or project, to which a standard staff user has access within My Mediasite.
    Choose the option which best suits your presentation or video, Slides & AudioSingle Video or Multi Video.
    Note: All options will have a watermark (QUB logo) added to the video. If you require a downloadable file without a watermark, please apply to the Mediasite team by opening a support case (
  • Click Save.
  • Depending on server load when you make the request, it will take time to create the downloadable file. Under normal conditions, the time taken will be around the same length as the original presentation itself.

To check the processing status of a vodcast:

  • Return to the presentation summary page.
  • Browse to the Delivery tab.
  • Under Video Podcast (composite), the processing status will be visible.

To download the vodcast file:

After waiting for the vodcast file to be generated; from within My Mediasite:

  • Return to the presentation summary page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Download to Computer at bottom right.
  • Select your vodcast file.

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