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How do I Edit Closed Captions in Mediasite

Editing Closed Captions in My Mediasite

Once the submitted video file has been captioned and is available to the end user, the captions will then have to be reviewed by the video owner for accuracy.  This provides the user with the opportunity to review and edit the closed captions directly from My Mediasite.

The short video below provides an overview of the closed captions editing process: 

There are multiple functions that can be done within the caption editor in Mediasite. This includes the ability to edit the timing and text, add captions, and do large scale find and replace. Whether you are editing the captions for simple revisions of technical terms or using it to add captions, everything is done within My Mediasite.

Edit Caption text and timing

  1. Begin playback of the video preview within the caption editor to see the timing of cations along the timeline.
  2. Drag the edge handles of a caption to adjust the timing.
  3. Click a caption along the timeline to select it in the edit pane.
  4. Edit the text as needed in the right-hand column.

Add Captions

  1. Enter the caption text.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Caption text will be added to the current video position.

Find and Replace

  1. Select the Replace tab on the edit column of the caption editor
  2. Enter a search term in the Find field.
  3. Click Find to view captions where the term appears.
  4. Enter the replacement term in the Replace field.
  5. Click Replace all to change all instances of the Find term with the Replace term.

Once all edits are complete within the editor click Save to apply the edited captions to the video.


Remember - Only submit your final video for captioning.

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