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How do I add closed captions in Mediasite?

Registering for Closed Captions

This pilot facility for closed captions will be prioritised for Learning and Teaching video content. Make sure you have registered for access to this service via the online form:

Once the online form has been completed, submitted and reviewed, the team will be in contact to advise that you now have access to the closed captions facility within Mediasite, or that we require some further information.

Other Video Content

If you are a current Mediasite user and wish to avail of the closed captions service, but your video content does not fall under the learning and teaching category, we ask that you submit your request for this service via the IT Helpdesk.  Each submission will be considered on an individual basis.  To log a request for consideration please do the following:

  • Visit the IT Helpdesk, log in with your ADS credentials (Staff Number and Password) and click on New Call.
  • Under Call Type, select Services
  • Under Category, select Learning and Teaching
  • Under the generated dropdown, select Mediasite.

Enabling Closed Captions for your Video:

  • The first step is to ensure that this is the final version of the video you want to submit for closed captioning.
  • Browse to (or search for) your video in MyMediasite.
  • Click on the video thumbnail or title to enter the presentation summary page.
  • Click on Edit Details, at the top right of the page navigation.
  • Browse to the Delivery tab, below the video preview.
  • Select the Audio Transcriptions checkbox.
  • Select Choose a Provider for Captioning.
  • Click on the box titled Select a Captioning Profile. Which will look like this:
 Image of Mediasite Enable Captions Option
  • Click Save.
  • Depending on server load when you make the request, it will take time to create the captions. Under normal conditions, please allow for 24 hours before your captions are ready.


This short video will show you how to enable closed captions:

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