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How do I go about recording a lecture, seminar or event?

How do I go about recording a lecture, seminar or event?

It depends on what you want to record:

  • If you're happy to just record the presenter's voice and an on-screen presentation, use Mediasite Desktop Recorder (see ).
  • If you would like to record video of the presenter while delivering the lecture/seminar/event, and the presenter will be standing/sitting in one place throughout, you might want to think about using Mediasite Desktop Recorder with a webcam (see ).
  • If you would like a more professional recording of a presentation, the Mediasite team can record this for you using a camera and tripod, or larger setups if required. Book us early in the planning process, so that we can ensure availability and equipment requirements. Go to the  page.
  • If you want a more "produced" video, such as promotional material from an event, interviews or other documenary-style content, this is not within the remit of the Mediasite team – speak to our colleagues in . However once completed, the video can be uploaded to Mediasite and treated like any other streaming content.

You may need permission forms from other speakers if they are included in your lecture.

You can find the form here.

Please see this article: Legal Issues


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