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How do I set my video to viewable?

How do I set my video to viewable?

Note: When a presentation/video is set as "private", this setting overrides all security settings. So no one will ever be able to watch the video if it is set to private, regardless of your security settings or whether it is in a shared folder.

By default, when content is uploaded, it is set to private. This is to avoid making content visible before you have reviewed it for errors. To ensure that the video is available for people to watch, you need to set it to viewable. There are two ways to set this in My Mediasite:

  1. On your list of videos, you will see that each thumbnail has some icons along the bottom of it. One of these icons is a padlock:

    The padlock shows the current status of the video.
    •  – closed: the video is currently private.
    •  – open: the video is currently viewable.
    By clicking on the padlock, you can toggle this status.
  2. On the details page of each video, if you scroll down you will see a section labelled "Visibility":
    Screenshot of My Mediasite details page for a video, with visibility section highlighted
    If you change the dropdown from Private to Viewable it will make the video viewable.

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