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What are shared folders?

What are shared folders?

As a Mediasite user, you have your own drafts folder. Any content you create using Mediasite Desktop Recorder or upload to My Mediasite will be placed here. The drafts folder is private, and any content residing in it will be inaccessible to other users, unless you manually change security settings on each video.

To make it easier to set permissions on video content, and to provide central locations for content to be managed (such as for an individual teaching module), we provide shared folders. These are set up with the permissions required for the right people (e.g. only students and staff) to be able to view the content within. By moving your content to one of these shared folders and ensuring that the security permissions are "inherited" from the shared folder, you can easily:

  • Make your content accessible to the right people;
  • Keep track of and manage your content, e.g. teaching materials for different modules;
  • Collaborate with other staff, where they have been given editor access to the same folders.

Shared folders can be created on request by the Mediasite admin team. To request access to an existing shared folder or to request the creation of new folders, file a ticket using the IT Service Desk. Make sure to provide your specific requirements, e.g.:

Folder for module ABC9999 in the School of EEECS

Viewing access: students and staff only

Editing access: myself, Joe Bloggs and Jane Doe.


you can PIN at shared folder to your main window, by clicking on the STAR icon.



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