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What is My Mediasite?

What is My Mediasite?

My Mediasite is the online portal to which staff users have access. If you have signed up, you will find a link to the portal in your Queen's Online quicklinks.

Screenshot of My Mediasite interface after 7.2.2 update 2019

My Mediasite is the centre of your Mediasite content management. Any videos you create (or which someone has shared with you) will be accessible here, to review, edit, set security access, obtain links and, if necessary, delete. Here is a detailed rundown of the main functions available:

Edit your presentations

  • Perform edits to video content, such as cutting out sections or adding fades;
  • Remove or replace individual slides (where the presentation has been recorded as a slideshow);
  • Add "chapters", which aid the viewer in navigating through longer videos;
  • Add a custom thumbnail to be shown wherever your video is embedded, such as on CMS or your VLE.

Manage access to content

  • Allow or deny viewing access for groups, such as all students, all staff, the world at large, or custom groups (contact the Mediasite team for information);
  • Allow editing access for individual staff members;
  • Move content into shared folders (see );
  • Manage "channels" and "catalogs" (a kind of dynamic playlist) of presentations, which can be linked to folders;
  • Share content by obtaining a direct viewing link (URL) or embed code to insert into CMS pages or VLE courses.

General administration

  • Rename content and add further descriptions;
  • Provide bio details of presenter(s);
  • Add links to related material, to appear alongside the presentation.

For more information on how to use My Mediasite, see our  page.

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