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** Whats in the latest update in Mediasite **

Whats new? August 2022

Mediasite’s New Premier Player

The new Premier Player is an innovative video player that offers enhanced functionality for video viewing with new features and capabilities to customize captions, organize content, and support immersive experiences for your audience.

This has been enabled across campus, and you should see the new editor in effect in all your videos.

Benefits of the new modernized video player:

  • The ability to support multiple captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions.
  • Viewer customized captioning to maximize user accessibility.
  • Significantly more efficient video load time.
  • Automatically hidden player controls so viewers can remain focused on the video content.

360 Degree Video Support

With the addition of the New Premier Player, Mediasite is now compatible with 360° video presentations. 360° video opens the door to an entire dimension of new possibilities for engaging and immersive content. Please see the link below for an example:

Watch and example here : 360 video

My Mediasite Labels

To help make presentation features more discoverable in My Mediasite, labels are now shown on the presentation details page. In addition to the presentation list view, My Mediasite users also can easily see if a presentation has quizzes and / or captions right from the details page of a presentation.

Pill Shape Indicators in My Mediasite, indicating type of video

Improved Smart Rendering in the Editor

The editor in Mediasite 8 utilizes Smart Rendering which greatly reduces the time it takes to save presentations. Mediasite now has an improved editor that supports the smart rendering of adaptive content. Smart rendering is now supported on all media types. For most basic edits, the processing of your edited video is on average 75% faster.

Image depicting the increased processing speeds of the Mediasite Editor


Updates to the Mediasite Video Editor.

Mediasite now supports captions while editing presentations. Captions will now cut and move with the corresponding cuts made to the presentation in the Web Editor. Users can edit their presentations and not have to pay for re-captioning or manually editing the captions. This is something that many of you have been asking for.

In the next few months we will be adding more captioning services.

Editor - Editing out Captions



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