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Why does my video take such a long time to upload?

Why does my video take such a long time to upload?

Slow uploads could be caused by a number of different things.

Broadband connection

The most common reason will be the speed and/or quality of the internet connection to your location. If you find that it takes a very long time to upload from home, but a much shorter time in your office, then most likely your home internet connection isn't quite up to providing fast video delivery. We recommend uploading in a place that you know has a good connection.

Wi-Fi or Mobile signal

If you are on Wi-Fi or mobile networks, your upload speed will be slowed down if your signal level is poor; i.e. there are too many walls, electronics or other obstacles between your device and the Wi-Fi router or signal provider.

Video file size

If you are uploading a video file to MyMediasite (i.e. which has not been created on Mediasite Desktop Recorder), you may need to consider the size of the video. Practically any video file you upload will be compressed to a certain degree, using a form of encoding or codec. Most video software provides default encoding options for different usage, such as home viewing, presentation, or use on the web. Where possible choose a "web video" or similar option when exporting your video content. Standard file sizes for a video encoded for web shouldn't need to be more than approximately:

Video length

File size

3 30
10 100
60 600

*using a video encoding rate (bitrate) of 1.2Mbps

If your video is much larger than the above, we recommend that you re-encode to a smaller bitrate.

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