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Why not just use MS Stream , YouTube Vimeo, etc.?

Why not just use YouTube, Vimeo, etc.?

The Mediasite server is entirely maintained and supported by Queen's University. This provides the benefits of:

  • Direct access to support when needed, via the IT Service Desk.
  • Protection of intellectual property (IP) – all content is housed on servers within Queen's, with backup systems in place, so there are no issues with third parties obtaining your data, or for instance, unexpected changes to privacy rules or terms & conditions.
  • Accessible to all Queen's (and subsidiary college) users around the world: for instance students and staff at  (CQC), where access to YouTube has been locked down nationally.
  • The Mediasite server authenticates directly via staff and student logins, making it easy to ensure that only the right people have access to content.
  • Mediasite is integrated with Canvas, the virtual learning environment (VLE) at Queen's. See 
  • No advertising.


  • Multiple streams The Mediasite player is capable of showing multiple streams at once, such as a slideshow alongside a video of the presenter. This increases engagement for viewers and also improves accessibility for those that may have difficulty hearing or interpreting the presenter.
  • Built in Editor With Mediasite you can edit the content you create.
  • Low bandwidth capabilities Slideshow content (such as that recorded in Desktop Recorder using the Slideshow format) is extremely low bandwidth compared to video, and is also searchable - so the viewer can type a keyword into the player and it will search the slides for the moment that the phrase appeared in the slides.
  • New functionality system, which is created by Sonic Foundry, is on a continuous development programme, meaning that every so often new releases are made which add improvements and further functionality.

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