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Why when working with Stream is the audio high pitched?

Without going into too much technical detail, MS Stream converts downloads to

8 Frames a second (Video) at 52 kps, 16 Khz (sound).

See this image below from an MS Stream recording, and note the numbers in the two key areas below.

  • In Frame rate - this is how often a picture or frame is displayed per second on your screen), more frames per second = smooth video.
  • In Audio rate - let's look at the sample rates here. Audio sample rate 16khz is the number of times per second your audio is sampled at, or how many times a second it measures what the note of the sound is, higher sample rates, smooth clear sound 'less jumpy' as it moves through the pitch if our voices, or otherwise sounds like the Cher auto-tune classic "Do you believe in love" . Bit rate is the amount of information stored about that sound, this gives the sound a rich warm feeling, vs a tin-y sound.

Image1- Stream 


Let's compare that to 'normal video', which is around 25 frames a second for video (like you see in films / cinema) with audio above that around 128kps (cd quality warm sound) and 44khz samples (less jumpy in the changes in notes). 

Image2 - Normal Video


What does all this mean?

Well if you convert from Mediasite > Stream, you get a much-reduced video experience (as it squeezes the file) and these extra frames and audio are dropped (lost) in the reduction of the video itself. They can't be gotten back, they are gone.

If you then try to move from that highly squeezed version of your recording back into Mediasite (which has a base set for quality) well the MS Stream version doesn't meet that baseline, so you may note the sound is "sped up" making you sound like a chipmunk or a smurf!

This in effect is Mediasite taking the small rubbishy version of the audio and trying to get it to its base quality setting, by playing it back at the expected speed of 100 kps 48 Khz, which is double or more the speed of the MS Teams recoding. We cant fix this, unfortunately, the extra detail it needs to playback smoothly is missing due to the MS Stream compression.

Wait! I need it for subtitles!

You can download the subtitles from the MS Stream version, and attach these to the edited version of the Mediasite video, you don't need to download from MS Stream and then re-upload again to Mediasite. Just leave the video on Mediasite, and take only the subtitles from the MS Stream version. 

Apart from that you cannot mix between the two platforms, as the MS Stream version of video delivery serves a reduced version of that video.

How do I get just the subtitles from the MS Stream Version?

Follow this link to our FAQ on the matter to learn more.

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