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Ideas and applications

How you use the Mediasite platform is entirely up to you, there is no correct or incorrect application and you are limited only by your creativity. Below are some example applications in use today, click through for more detail on them.

If you have something you would like to try,  a problem to solve or would just like to get involved please get in touch.


Desktop / Personal Capture

Ultimate flexibility

Create great content using nothing more than your own PC. Available on or off campus, perfect to support both local and distant learning courses.

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Lecture Capture

The possibilities are endless

Capturing lectures can pave the way for more dynamic interactive classes. Students can review and make notes later allows for more interaction during lessons.

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Rich, engaging and timesaving

'Digital' feedback is a great way to deliver engaging and meaningful information right to the students desk, be it summative or formative.

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Assignment setting

Fresh, dynamic and detailed

Say much more than you will ever type, a new approach to task setting. Include links to websites and papers, help and advice etc. Its an assignment in a box.

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