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Desktop Capture

Desktop capture

Create great content using nothing more than your own PC. 

The Mediasite Desktop recorder is available to download from My Mediasite and is a simple to use tool allowing you to capture high quality slideshows or screencasts that preserve every annotation and screen movement. Pair your content with webcam video or simply a voice over, and the Desktop Recorder do the rest, all with no video production skills required. The software does not require a license key and you can install it on any machine. 

Ultimate Flexibility

It is up to you. The Mediasite Desktop is a tool to create high quality content, whatever the subject matter. With no pre-defined set of criteria, the MDR can be used for any University business you please. 

A more blended approach to learning can be achieved by utilising tools such as the Desktop recorder.  Some examples of use may include:

Pre-class preparation: Deliver your students short, pre-class preparatory videos outlining what the next lecture may be about. Use the information button to allow the students to access links to the blogs, papers or content you refer to prior to class. This can be especially useful for practical classes where time can be tight and demonstrations may be hurried. 

Post class catchup: Address your students questions in short targeted review videos that can be sent out after class. Support students who may be struggling in a particular area or clarify points that maybe needed further elaboration in class.

Exam / Assessment revision: Deliver short, targeted revision packages to support students learning or in response to frequent questions.

Distance Learning: Whatever the subject matter, create high quality content to support students further afield. Getting content round the globe is not easy but coupled with the Mediasite's on-site servers and the JANET network, your information stands the best chance of getting to it's desired recipient. 

Over time, it is likely that you will build up a bank of resources and tutorial videos to help students through areas they may find problematic. Although an initial investment in time is required, that content can be recycled for future year groups and classes. As you become more familiar with the Mediasite environment, more possibilities or use cases may arise, Media Services will work with staff on an individual basis to assist with any special projects. 

Below is an example of desktop capture courtesy of Phil Hanna, EEECS.