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Digital feedback

Quality feedback is an important asset to any student hoping to improve and develop throughout their University career. Sometime, it may be difficult for a student to get 1 to 1 feedback and this may be spent furiously writing notes to take away. With a piece of video feedback, students can watch and re-watch as they need to. In the example below feedback has been given on a (fictitious) lab report using a tablet and stylus to write. It could equally be a MS Word document using 'track changes'. Again, you will likely say more than you will ever type. Thanks to John McKinley, SPACE.

Another great example of digital feedback in teaching comes from the School of Nursing. Dr. Jennifer McGaughey relieved a school teaching innovation award to develop the use of Mediasite  to improve feedback in Nursing education. This involved using the Desktop recorder to record short feedback videos in response to class questions, assignment submissions etc aswell as recording feedback sessions online with postgraduate students. Student feedback from the pilot was encouraging.

As part of the pilot, training sessions were facilitated by Media services to a wider nursing staff group and these were subsequently followed by in-school training from Matt Birch. The short presentation below outlines the proposal for the teaching award.