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Comments and Annotations

Introduction to Comments and Annotations

Comments and annotations are one of the best ways to create a conversation between the video audience. Viewers can use comments to make remarks and ask questions about the video as a whole or get more specific to a moment in the video by posting an annotation on the timeline. Both of these features are only available as part of a channel. Once a channel has been created, comments and annotations can be turned on at that level.


Use and Enable Comments

Comments are the basic level of conversation that everyone is used to seeing on a video. They are displayed below the presentation as a feed and allow users to make remarks, additions and contributions to the video. Using comments is a basic level of engagement that can enhance a presentation by allowing users to communicate with each other and the presenter.


Use and Enable Annotations

An annotation is similar to a comment in that it allows for conversation and discussion regarding a video presentation. However, it differs in the fact that it is tied directly to the timeline of the video.

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