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Creating a Quiz

Creating a Quiz

Adding a quiz to a presentation creates a check-in point with the viewers. There are multiple types of quizzes that can be set up in Mediasite. Depending on the need to check for understanding or simply create an open study guide determines what options are selected. To add a quiz to a presentation the first step is to create the quiz with the appropriate options.

To create a quiz, you’ll start off on the presentation details page in My Mediasite:

  1. Click the Edit Quiz button
  2. Select the type of quiz or customize your settings
  3. Click Next

Adding Question Sets

Quizzes in a Mediasite presentation are added as question sets directly on the player timeline. The viewer of a presentation is then engaged with the quiz, whether that be a check for understanding or a study guide, at the exact moment needed. In order to add the questions, start off by clicking play on the video preview.

Within the quiz editor the first thing you will want to do is play the video preview. Once you have reached a point in time where a quiz should be added:

  1. Click Add Quiz
  2. Give your quiz a title and description (you can also change the position of the quiz). Then click Done.
  3. Click Add Question
  4. Enter your question and answers
    • You can change the type of question between multiple choice single answer or multiple answer
  5. Click Add Question to add another question
  6. Click Save to continue to publishing the quiz or Save and Exit to return to the presentation details page .

Publish a Quiz

Once a quiz has been saved, it still needs to be applied to the presentation by publishing. Publishing a quiz starts off on the Quiz editor page.

Within the quiz editor select the Publish button

The pop-up notification will inform you that the player will be overridden to the quiz player. Click OK.


Conversely, if you want to edit any part of your quiz you’ll need to unpublish the quiz.

To do so, simply click the unpublish button and select OK on the pop-up notification.


When a quiz is unpublished, all previous results are deleted.


Take a Quiz

Taking a quiz is the viewer facing result of creating and publishing. The way a quiz is presented to the audience is dependent on what options were selected  when it was created. Study-Guide, Assessment, and Scored% will have different requirements for scoring, submitting and editing responses.

On the playback splash screen you’ll see a call out that a quiz is included as part of the presentations. Once playback is started, the quiz points will be shown on the player timeline.

  1. Quizzes will automatically pop up when the timeline reaches the quiz point. Click Take Quiz.
  2. Choose your answer and click Next.
    • Continue to complete all the questions in the Quiz.
  3. Click Continue once all questions are complete.
    • The presentation will continue playback.
  4. At the end of the presentation, you will have the option to review or submit your quiz.
  5. Click Submit Answers.
    • Feedback will be provided depending on the options the presenter selected when the quiz was created.


Quiz Results

As an instructor or administrator there are two primary functions that can be taken with quiz results. The first is viewing and reporting results. The second is removing results. Each of these functions is found on a different path from the presentation details.

View and Download Quiz Results

To view and download the quiz results you will start on the presentation details page within My Mediasite:

  1. Select View Analytics.
  2. Click on the Quiz tab.
    • This shows the basic information regarding who took the quiz and when, their score and the time watched.
  3. Select the Details button to view an individual users results.
  4. Click Download Report
    1. You can download the report as either an Excel or XML file.

Remove Results

There are multiple reasons you would need to remove results. It could be a viewer that needs to retake a quiz due to an error, or  removing results from a previous class session or semester. This process begins on the presentation details screen.

  1. Select Edit Quizzes.
  2. Click the Results drop-down.
  3. Choose Clear All Results or Clear Individual Results depending on what results you would like to remove.
    1. Select the users whose results you would like to remove if you selected Individual
  4. On the pop-up notification click OK.