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Creating and adding Polls

Enable Polls

There are two types of polls that Mediasite can support. Either Mediasite Polls administered through the player or polls through a third party like Survey Monkey or an LMS. Activating polls is done the same way regardless of the type of poll.

Getting a poll added to your presentation is part of editing and can be done in a few short steps.

  1. Click the Edit link on the presentation details page
  2. Select the Player tab
  3. Select the check box for Enable Polls
  4. Choose either Use Mediasite Polls or Link to External Polls

Mediasite polls are administered through the player and external polls would require a link provided to the viewer.



Creating Polls

The easiest way to create a poll is to access the editor from My Mediasite. Once there are responses to a poll, the poll editor can also be accessed through the poll window by selecting the Poll Answers link. Both methods open the poll editor, however, this lesson will follow the path through My Mediasite.

Like most functions with Mediasite you will begin on the presentation details page.

  1. Select Edit Polls.
  2. Click New Question.
  3. Enter your question text, settings and answers.
    • Question Type allows you to adjust whether it is a single selection or multiple selection.
  4. Select Save Question.


Taking a Poll

Polls in a Mediasite presentation can be used to gain feedback from the audience. They can be used to ask for opinions on a topic or check for understanding when there isn’t a need to track individual responses. While polls are useful for the presenter and audience, they do not force prompt participation. A user will need to select the link to the polls and complete poll questions individually.

When playback is started on a presentation, you can find the link to polls on the player toolbar.

  1. Click the pie chart in the player tool bar. This opens a new window with the Polls.
  2. Select Take Poll on each question.
  3. Choose your answer and select Submit.
  4. Click View Results to see the poll results if that option was selected when the poll was created.