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Editing your Player - To enable some other features

Editing the Player of your Presentation

Editing the player of your presentation allows you to customize some of the playback experience as it is viewed by your audience. To edit the player, start on the presentation details page:

  1. Select Edit Details.
  2. Choose the Player tab. The below screen will be displayed.

Editing the player

  1. The top option is the default player. You should generally use the Multiview Player. If you have a need to select a different player contact your application administrator.
  2. The Maximum Connections allows you to control how many users are viewing your content at any given time.
  3. Use Q&A Forum
  4. Enable Presentation Sharing
  5. Add Post Presentation link will display the message and link entered. This can be used for to link to additional resources or a brand page.
  6. Polls can be administered through Mediasite or a third party program such as Survey Monkey.
  7. Play Cover is only used for live events.
  8. Header Banner
  9. Basic presentation information will be displayed within the information link of the player.
  10. The Graphics that can be changed include the banner image, Presentation ended banner image and Waiting for live presentation image.