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Enabling Questions and Answers

Enabling Q&A

The Q&A feature within Mediasite allows a conversation between a presenter and the viewer or audience. When questions are posed using the Q&A feature, they are posted in the moderator portal. Q&A works best for live event to engage with an audience and answer questions on screen. However, this can also be utilize for on-demand viewing as long as the moderator portal is accessed.

Since Q&A is a feature within the player, the functionality to turn it on is done by editing. From the presentation details page:

  1. Select Edit Details.
  2. Go to the Player Tab.
  3. Check Use Q&A.

In the bottom of your video player there will be a speech bubble that the audience can use to ask questions.



Using Q&A Live or On-Demand

Q&A is simple to use for both the viewer and the moderator. Viewers can send in their questions to be answered on screen during a live event or as a follow up. For on-demand viewing viewers should expect to receive an answer via email.

To use the Q&A feature of Mediasite you’ll want to be viewing either a live event or have playback started.

  1. Click the speech bubble in the player toolbar.
  2. Enter the required information
    1. Your Name
    2. Subject/Title of the question
    3. The question body. What would you like to ask the presenter?
    4. You can include a time-stamp that the question was asked.
  3. Click Ask Question

Once you click the ask question button your message will be sent to the presentation moderator. In a live event they can field your question and either answer directly or forward it on to the presenter. For on-demand the moderator can follow up with you via email.



The purpose of using Q&A during a live event should be to have questions answered by the presenter during the presentation. However, due to time constraints that may not always be an option. Moderating the Q&A panel allows for questions that come up to be answered promptly either directly with the audience viewing a live event or followed up with the individual.

When you moderate the Q&A of a presentation you will use the moderator portal to field all the question that come in from the audience. To access the portal, you’ll start on the presentation details page in My Mediasite.

  1. Select Edit Q&A.
    • New questions will display in the left column.
  2. Select the question you would like to with the check box.
  3. Select Mark as Accepted.
    • If you are answering questions live, read the question and reply to your viewers.
  4. Click Reply.
  5. Enter the From email address.
  6. Type in the response/answer to the question in the message field.
  7. Click Send