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modular - faq

  • There is an option to add additional Question Blocks, what are the advantages of doing this?

    Question blocks allow you to group particular questions together and use different settings for each block.  Breaking an assessment up into question blocks makes it easier to manage the content added, especially if the content is contained in multiple topics.  

    When you create an assessment, a default question block is automatically created and titled 'Question Block - 1'.  Please note, a question block must have a title and at least one question before the assessment can be saved.

  • There is also an option to create Jump Blocks, what are they?

    Jump blocks allow you to bring the student to another location in the assessment by adding conditions that will trigger the jump. For example, if a student completes all questions in one question block or gets a certain mark or percentage in a block, they could move on to a different question block. Jump blocks also allow you to bring the student to the end of the assessment.