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PRS Video Training

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Below are a number of training videos in a column for your convenience. Follow the link below for a Step by Step guide with more detail.

Step by Step Guide

An express version of the videos for you all in one place

It is beneficial that you run through all the videos in order with our step by step guide, as each indiviual section in the guide contains more detail, on this page you can find a selection of videos that may act as a quick refresher.

It is also recommended you attend a course on the subject details of which will be on the iTrent training section of your Queens Online profile. 

Addtionally the manual can be downloaded Turning Point Manual Version 15

Please find a selection of key videos below.

Information below will tell you how to install the app from either the Google Play store of or itunes store - you can click on these links however to directly download.

How to install the Turning Point App on your phone

This video will show you how to use the PRS system with Powerpoint.

This video will show you how to start Powerpoint and invoke the PRS plugin.

Quickly add questions to TurningPoint PRS

This video will show you how to add a basic multiple choice question to Powerpoint for use with the PRS.

How to adjust the options in TurningPoint for Powerpoint

This video below will show you how to change some of the question options.

Check you have the plugin installed

The video below will show you how to check you have the plugin installed in TurningPoint. It will appear if ou have started the TurningPoint application first, and then choose to start Powerpoint.

Responsware - Logging in to a session

This video will show you how to login to Responseware online and access a running Session.

A Session is an instance of the powerpoint presentation your instructor is running, allowing people to join in online using a mobile device.

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