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Creating an Interactive Slide - Step 2

When TurningPoint is opened, a non-interactive PowerPoint slide is displayed. To begin, add a title and put your name as the subtitle for the presentation.

All functionality of TurningPoint is accessed through the TurningPoint tab, located on the main PowerPoint ribbon menu bar.

See the image below in which TurningPoint has been selected.



 Click on the TurningPoint tab and then NEW option to access the drop down menu. See below for the icon.




Click in the Enter Question Text… section. Type your Question text.

This is your chance to enter some questions around your subject area.

In this example you can see I chose the question “What is the closest planet to the sun?




  1. Click in the “Enter Answer Text” section. This will allow you to type an answer. Type the first answer beside Number 1 (or the letter A, depending on the configuration).
  2. See below in this example, I wrote the answer “Mercury”.



  1. Press the Return key on your keyboard, type the second possible answer beside number 2 (or the letter B). Repeat this step until you have entered all the possible answers for your question.
  2. Repeat steps 2 to 6 another three times (thereby creating more slides with different questions as you choose the New button ).
  3. New-Question-Icon
  4.  You will then now have four interactive slides.  What the video below for an overview on how to create questions.