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Installing the PRS software - Part A

Installing the PRS software - (Part A)

Welcome, this is the first of the steps for the training on the PRS system.

 The software for the PRS system should already be installed on any machine that you are using.

You will find an icon on the desktop that looks like this (below) and double clicking on it will invoke the Turning Point screen from which you can launch Powerpoint. 

TurningPoint Icon

 You can also search for it on your PC using the corner windows button (see below) just click and start typing "TurningPoint" it should come up before you have finished the word.


‌If the application is not installed on your machine you can install it.

How to install TurningPoint

Here are some links to the install files, howeve these will not be updated as frequently as the "live links" as explained below.


Install using the latest Download links

First login to the website (follow these help pages) this will then give you an account option

In the account option under Profiles you will be able to download the software.


Then goto the Downloads section on the top right (you may have to fill out more details)


In the downloads section choose the version of the software you require, download it and install it to your Home PC.

If using a work PC, you may need administrator access.