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Options during presentation ShowBar - Step 5

The showbar appears when a polling slide is displayed during the Slide Show. The showbar is a toolbar that provides icons for polling, monitoring, viewing responses and other polling tools during the slide show. The showbar can be moved if necessary.


Below is a description for each icon on the showbar:

When the showbar is minimized, the responses, polling status and maximize

showbar icons are displayed.



This table describes the functions of the icons in the Showbar

PPTShowbarIcon-MinimizeShowbar_16x14 Maximise Showbar
PPTShowbarIcon-ToggleResponseCount Toggle Response Count changes the values displayed on each chart. The values can be represented as response counts or percentage of votes.
PPTShowbarIcon-RepollQuestion Repoll Question clears the responses and accepts new responses from the participants for the current question. Both the original responses and the new responses are stored in the session file.

Response Display - The Response Display button displays the participants and their responses to the question while polling is open. This information is displayed in real-time.

PPTShowbarIcon-ShowHideResponseGrid (1)

The Show/Hide Response Grid toggles the display of a response grid on the screen to indicate which participants have responded.

The visual display and contents of the response grid are controlled in the PowerPoint preferences.
PPTShowbarIcon-Countdown Countdown Timer - Insert a countdown timer on the current polling slide. Start or pause the countdown, as well as adjust the amount of time or position of the countdown. Polling must be open to use this feature.
PPTShowbarIcon-InsertNewQuestion Insert New Question - Select a slide type from the drop-down menu to be inserted into the presentation.
PPTShowbarIcon-Attendance Attendance - Opens an attendance poll that allows the instructor to quickly determine if participants are present or absent. When the Attendance window is displayed, participants can press any button on their clickers/TurningPoint App to be counted as present. You can click the Present or Absent buttons to toggle which participants are displayed in the list. Click Close Polling to end the attendance poll.
PPTShowbarIcon-SetAnonymous Set Anonymous - Makes the current slide anonymous. Participant information will not be associated with the results.
PPTShowbarIcon-DeleteLastQuestionPolled Delete Last Question Polled - This option deletes the response data from the current question. This does not reset the chart, and the original results may be viewed in PowerPoint but the response data is not saved with the session.
PPTShowbarIcon-DataSlice Data Slice allows the chart to display only the section of responses that correlate to chosen responses from previous slides.
PPTShowbarIcon-ViewOriginalChart View Original Chart - Use this command after using the Toggle Response Countor Data Slicecommands to return the chart to its original appearance.
PPTShowbarIcon-DisplayParticipantMonitor Display Participant Monitor opens the participant monitor.
PPTShowbarIcon-ShowHideConnectionInfo Show/Hide Connection Info - Show/Hide Connection Info displays the ResponseCard channel number. The TurningPoint App login information is also displayed if applicable.
PPTShowbarIcon-DisplayMessagingWindow Display Messaging Window opens the feedback monitor.
PPTShowbarIcon-Responses_85x25 Responses displays the number of participants that have responded to the current question.
PPTShowbarIcon-PollingOpen_78x25 Polling Status displays the current polling status.