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Region Change - The App

When you start the APP you may not see the presentations your instructor is using - even though you are entering the Session ID.

One likely cause is that you have set the wrong region upon the initial install of the APP.

This should be set to the following region.

Europe/Africa/Middle East/Russia

However, the default option is to set the region to "North/South America" - which prevents users from seeing the European sessions. In real terms this means you will not be able to see the session the instructor is running in the University.

On occasion patrons don't pay attention when installing the app, and choose all the defaults, which results in this wrong region selection.

Follow these steps below , or watch the video which describes how to adjust your region to be the correct one.

You cant change the region of the APP if you have signed in, doing so will give you this error:

Cannot Sign out if signed in

So you have to sign out first.

To Sign out of the App - open the menu top left from the main screen. At the bottom you can sign out.

Once signed out, open the settings from the bottom of the app

Select Region

Choose the Region option

This will then show you the following screen. From which you can then choose the correct region by tapping the region names displaying the lists below.

Region List

Ensure you choose the option.

Europe/Africa/Middle East/Russia 

Sign back into the App and your settings will have been updated.