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Reports - Part 8

Generating Reports

You can create reports using the Report Tool from the Manage Tab in the TurningPoint Dashboard.  Reports are generated from session data, so you must first have run a presentation before you can obtain session data and hence generate the report. 

  1. From the TurningPoint Dashboard, select the Manage tab.(You may have to close your PowerPoint presentation to get back to the Dashboard).
  2. Select The Session drop-down option and then Import (This is where you import Session data from classes that you have given into the sessions folder in order to generate reports).

  Report Import

 Select Move Session from the Session Import Window. This will help keep all your session files in one location for you to compare later.

  1. Select the Session Data file from the TurningPoint folder on the desktop and select open.
  2. Select the saved session (Session Data) file from the left panel
    (NOTE: Expand the associated participant list to view the session, or if a participant list was not used, locate the session below Auto or Anonymous)


  1. Click Reports in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select a report from the drop-down menu.


(NOTE: you can export reports to Excel, CSV and HTM as well as being able to print reports from this window. Also please note the variables that you can apply to each report in the right hand pane.)

  1. Click close when finished