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Starting TurningPoint PRS - Step 1

Opening TurningPoint

A common mistake occurs when people open Powerpoint expecting the receivers to then work with their presentation. You must first of all invoke the TurningPoint plugin, by starting Powerpoint polling via the TurningPoint software.

1.Double click on the TurningPoint icon  on your desktop or click StartAll ProgramsTurning Technologies, LLCTurningPoint. Note this should be installed on all Media Services installed PCs.

2. If using Windows 7 or 10, just type in “Turningpoint” into the search box after pressing the Start button.

3. In version 8 of the software you will be asked to login to an account. The screen will look like this screen below. 

4. All educators in the Univeristy now have a TurningPoint account, choose Sign In to be prompted to enter your details.

5. Select PowerPoint Polling. PowerPoint Polling allows you to create content for the handsets and receivers. These can be booked via

Turning Point First Screen

6. If you have logged in succesfully you will also have the option to run your presentation online, this is explained later.