What are Pods?

Pods are the panels that make up the layout for your meeting rooms. They are resources that can enhance your Adobe Connect meeting if selected wisely. A Pod can be used to create a specific type of communicative resource that might be useful for the participants of your meeting.  
There a number of pods, and you will see screenshots if some of them below, there are however more than those shown. Once you have a Webinar Room, you can experiment with the available Pods. Think of them as the ingredients that make up your webinar.
They come in various flavours including:
  • Video
  • Chat
  • Files
  • Notes
  • Whiteboards

Who can add Pods to the webinar?

Hosts can add, delete, rearrange and organize pods in their meeting layout. Its best to define your layouts ahead of time. You can find out more about layouts here.

Can you use more than one instance of a pod?

With the exception of the Attendees and Video pods, Hosts can add more than one instance of a pod in a webinar at the same time. You can also do this on the fly in case you forgot to include one in your main layout.

Managing Pods.

To manage the Pods you are using, you need to click on the Pods menu, and then on the Manage Pods button. 

Chat POD


To send a message to everyone, simply type your message in the chat pod and hit enter or click the send icon.If the meeting host has enabled private chat, you can send messages to a specific attendee or group within the meeting. To do this, use the Attendees pod to hover over the name of the attendee you’d like to chat with, and select.

SQ Chat Box
SQ Private Chat

Start Private Chat.

Talking to a Group or to an attendee

Alternatively, you can use the Pod Options menu in the top right hand corner of the pod to select an individual or group by clicking Start Chat With. Private chat messages show up in additional tabs to make it easy to distinguish between private and public chat. If the host is using a Q&A pod instead of a Chat pod, then all messages are moderated and private chat is not available.

Attendees Pod

Who is attending this webinar?

The Attendees pod will show you the name of those in the seminar. Its a good way to quickly see who is in attendance, and the rites they have. Normally only Presenters and Hosts can speak (enable their cameras and microphones)

SQ Attendees