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Things you will need

Things you will need

A webinar requires you to be prepared with some material to help the whole process run smoothly. 
Although not exhaustive, some of these items are listed below. 
It is useful to have some further materials that we will explore later, like cue cards and drinks of water for the host also a checklist for the things to remember during the webinar like turning off the ringer on your mobile phone.

A laptop

You will need a laptop with web access to run the hosting webinar, htought equally you could use a tablet or connected PC or MAC. If using a laptop you should have a webcam, or you can bring an additional webcam. 



Time Slot

You will need to book the time slot for your Adobe Connect session. Our current license ensures only one Webinar can run concurrently for up to 500 people.

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‌A Valid URL

Every webinar needs a valid web address. You will recieve the URL for your webinar from the Adobe Connect team.

These are places where you conduct your online meeting or webinar. This is represented by a web address.

http:// /yourroom

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Internet Access

Your laptop, or computer requires an active  internet connection. This could be the University wifi, but for stabilty where possible used a wired connection.