Programme Details

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Conference schedule

Programme details

The conference will begin in Belfast City Hall on Monday 21 May with a networking event, including dinner, a keynote speaker and entertainment before moving to Riddel Hall, Queen's University on Tuesday 22 May. Conference speakers include Christine Aumayr-Pintar, an expert on gender pay gaps.

Monday 21 May 2018

Conference Opening Gala Dinner and Keynote Lecture 

Belfast City Hall 

Monday 21st MayItemNotesVenue
6.30-7.00pm Drinks reception Music by Davey Music Belfast City Hall, Rotunda
7.00-7.15pm Dinner called and move to the Great Hall   Banqueting Hall


MC: Julia Paul

7.15-7.20pm Address from Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Sonia Copeland

7.20-7.25pm Welcome from Acting President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor James Mc Enlay, Queen's University Belfast

7.25-7.35pm Welcome from the Co-Chair of WLCW Conference, Professor Yvonne Galligan, Queen's University Belfast

Banqueting Hall
7.35-7.55pm Serve starter   Banqueting Hall
7.55-8.40pm Serve main course   Banqueting Hall

Keynote Address:

Ms Ellvena Graham OBE, President of NI Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Keynote address to include opportunity for guests to ask questions. Banqueting Hall
9.10-9.35pm Serve dessert and tea/coffee   Banqueting Hall
9.35-9.40pm Closing remarks from Co-Chair of WLCW Professor Tom Millar, Queen's University Belfast Banqueting Hall
9.40pm Musical performance Davey Music Banqueting Hall
10pm/10.15pm Close    

Tuesday 22 May 2018


Riddel Hall, Queen's University Belfast

Tuesday 22nd MayItemNotesVenue-Riddel Hall


Tea/Coffee served and networking opportunity Open

  Isdell Courtyard
9.15-9.30pm Welcome from Professor Adrienne Scullion, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences MC: Julia  Paul Conference Rooms

Session 1

Equal Pay/Equal Opportunity

CHAIR: Roseann Kelly, Women in Business NI

Christine Aumayr-Pintar, Eurofound

Clare Grant, Red Hat

John Healy, Allstate NI

Michael Wardlow, Equality Commission NI

Q&A Session

Conference Rooms
11.00-11.30pm Tea/Coffee Break and networking opportunity   Glass Corridor

Session 2

Women in Society

CHAIR: Victoria Denoon, UMass Lowell

Julie Chen, Umass Lowell

Kelly Clark, OCO Global

Annette Feldman, Youth Action

Yvonne Galligan, Queen's University Belfast

Jasminka Hasic-Telalovic, IU Sarajevo

Q&A Session

Conference Rooms
1.00-2.00pm Lunch   Isdell Courtyard

Session 3                                                    

Future of Work

CHAIR: Anne Maglia, UMass Lowell                                                                                                                   


Angela Ifonlaga, Axiom

Nicola Millard, BT

Ryan Shanks, Accenture

Holly Yanco, UMass Lowell

Q&A Session
Conference Rooms
3.30pm-4.00pm Tea/Coffee Break and networking opportunity   Glass Corridor
4.00-4.45pm Keynote Address (to include Q&A) Michele Larmour, Former Assistant Chief Constable, West Midlands Police Conference Rooms
4.45-5.00pm Closing remarks from Co-Chairs of WLCW   Conference Rooms
5.00-6.00pm Drinks Reception   Isdell Courtyard


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