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Water: keeping us and our environment healthy

Researchers from Queen’s University Marine Laboratory are engaged in several projects that fit with the INFRA2018 monthly theme for February – Water: keeping us and our environment healthy.

INFRA2018, the NI Year of Infrastructure, is a campaign aiming to showcase the importance of infrastructure to our lives.

Teams from the Queen's University Marine Lab are addressing the issue of invasive species, such as the zebra mussel, the Asian clam and a variety of species of pondweed (such as Elodea nuttallii, pictured on Lough Erne in 2015).

The teams are examining the complex ways in which these species interact with native species, not least in a context where the climate is changing. A greater understanding of the mechanisms involved will help in the management of species that have already begun to have a serious impact on the local environment in Northern Ireland.

For more on the work on control of invasive species from the Marine Biology Laboratory, visit their site here.

Sustainability is a Social Charter theme.