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Early Childhood Development for Peacebuilding UNICEF meeting

The NIHR Global Health Research Network on Early Childhood Development (ECD) for Peacebuilding at Queen’s University Belfast hosted a workshop from 20-22 November 2017, attracting participants from across the world.

The NIHR group is a Social Charter Signature Project, building an international evidence base to inform work that will reduce the impact of violence on young children and help promote peacebuilding and social cohesion in low and middle income countries (LMICs).
The project runs in partnership with UNICEF, Early Years, Harvard, Yale and New York University, as well as with teams from partner countries such as Egypt, Mali, Timor Leste, Viet Nam, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Delegates from many of these countries attended the colloquium, sharing their experiences of developing high quality early childhood programmes. 
“Investment in early childhood programmes can have long lasting effects”, said Professor Paul Connolly, director of the project.  “If we invest in early childhood we see not just immediate benefits to children and their carers, but also long term benefits in terms of greater educational achievements and greater job opportunities in the future”.
For more on how ECD can contribute to sustainable development and peacebuilding watch this video from the colloquium.