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PRISM Celebrates Lesbian Day of Visibility

PRISM encourages Queen’s staff to mark Lesbian Day of Visibility on Monday 26 April 2021 by flagging up a range of training sessions.

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The day starts a week of events designed to celebrate lesbians and show solidarity with all LGBTQI women and non binary people. To mark the occasion, Stonewall have partnered with DIVA to deliver a number of free events, across the week, centred around lesbian experiences.

You can register here:

Previous Stonewall blogs for Lesbian Day of Visibility are also available to read online:

PRISM is open to all Queen's staff who identify as part of the LGBT+ community, and the network particularly welcomes new membership from marginalised and under-represented LGBT+ groups, including those from the transgender, non-binary, and bisexual communities.

Find out more about the network here.