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Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainability Social Charter Signature Projects

Supporting the Transition to a Sustainable Future

Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy

The Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE) is an industry-led sustainable energy research centre at Queen's which bridges the gap between industry research needs and academic research.

CASE supports collaborative research in marine renewable energy, bio-energy and intelligent energy systems.

The Centre’s research focuses on optimising the efficiency of processes deriving energy from biomass, improving wind and tidal turbines; and developing intelligent energy systems to help achieve the UK’s renewable energy commitments.

CASE is a recognised Competence Centre, offering companies an opportunity to develop innovative technologies for the sustainable energy sector before bringing them to market.

To date, CASE has funded 18 collaborative research projects with a value of £4.3m and involving over 50 companies.

"Our rationale is to support companies to compete in the global sustainable energy market by academic research and innovation in strategic renewable energy fields such as marine renewables, energy systems and bio-energy. CASE will be the conduit that drives industry research, providing access to world class researchers and facilities."

Ms Sam McCloskey


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Reducing Carbon in Cities


The CityZEN Project is a European Union Smart Cities Programme that aims to kick-start carbon descent in cities through direct design action. The project consists of a week-long participatory ‘Roadshow’ event that develops a carbon descent roadmap for a city on a neighbourhood scale.

Working closely with local government agencies and stakeholders, the project aims to be inspirational and challenging to the city, whilst developing realistic but achievable change. The short timescale allows the cities involved to engage in a new way and allows them to be more imaginative and free thinking.

The project has included collaborations with TU Delft, The Netherlands; University of Siena, Italy; VITO, Brussels; Think-E, Belgium as well as the cities of Amsterdam, Grenoble, Belfast, Izmir, Dubrovnik and Seville. It has been recognised by the European Union as exemplary in its engagement with citizens.


“Working with Cities across Europe, this project aims to make rapid change to energy use by visualizing a future that is sustainable, and co-designing a series of carbon descent interventions”


Professor Greg Keeffe

School of Natural and Built Environment

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