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Sustainability Experts

Sustainability is a key principle of Queen’s University Belfast’s Social Charter, and we are home to a broad range of teaching, research and practical action, across the whole institution. This page presents a selection of Queen’s sustainability experts.

Professor David Rooney
Professor David Rooney

David Rooney is a Professor of Chemical Engineering in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast. His research focuses on energy generation and materials and he is the Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Group at Queen’s and Director of the Bryden Centre, a cross-border renewable research centre.

He works with oil and gas companies, regional industry and government to advise on Zero Carbon technologies. He has also had research links with China over the last two decades.


Full academic profile: Professor David Rooney

Professor Jennifer McKinley title slide
Professor Jennifer McKinley

Jennifer McKinley is a Professor of Geography in the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen’s. Her research focuses on the application of spatial analysis techniques, including geostatistics, compositional data analysis and Geographical Information Science (GIS), to soil geochemistry, environmental and criminal forensics, human health, and other areas.

She has recently co-authored a paper on an integrated geospatial approach to repurposing wind turbine blades as they come to the end of their life in commercial wind farms.


Full academic profile: Professor Jennifer McKinley

Professor Mark Emmerson title slide
Professor Mark Emmerson

Professor Emmerson’s work examines the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, the drivers of biodiversity change and the consequences of biodiversity loss for ecosystem stability.

He has recently co-authored papers on the contributions of individual species to the stability of ecosystems; quantifying large-scale ecosystem stability with remote sensing data; the impact of agricultural intensification on plant diversity; and the ecological impacts of environmental stress on coastal bacteria.


Full academic profile: Professor Mark Emmerson

Prof Juliana Early, profile slide
Professor Juliana Early

Juliana Early is a Professor in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Her research is focussed on clean propulsion technologies and understanding the transition pathways to clean transportation systems.

She is the Principle Investigator on a range of EPSRC, Innovate-UK and APC collaborative programmes examining the role and wider impacts of electrification and hydrogen technologies in  public transport systems including Innovate-UK Next Generation Battery Electric Vehicle, EPSRC Roadmaps to Zero Net Emissions in Urban Public Transport and APC funded NextGen Fuel-Cell Electric Buses to Accelerate a Low-Carbon Hydrogen Economy.


Full academic profile: Professor Juliana Early

Dr Simon Murray title slide
Dr Simon Murray

Dr Murray is Project & Commercialisation Manager at the Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE).

CASE is an industry-led sustainable energy research centre hosted at Queen’s, and focussing on bioenergy, marine renewable energy, and energy systems. The CASE team have led on projects involving partnerships with business in converting biomass to energy; connecting renewable energy to the grid; and in novel tidal turbines tested in Strangford Lough.


Visit the CASE website here.

Dr Aoife Foley title slide
Dr Aoife Foley

Dr Foley is a Reader in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Her research interests cover wind power integration, power and gas systems and transport electrification, looking at  turbine performance, life cycle analysis, wind power forecasting, unit commitment modelling, power from biogas, levelised cost of energy, demand response using intelligent ICT, energy storage, microgrids and electric vehicles, battery modelling and drive cycle analysis.

She is Editor in Chief of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, and is interested in the global sustainable energy transition, smart cities and transport systems.


Full academic profile: Dr Aoife Foley

Professor Geraint Ellis title slide
Professor Geraint Ellis

Prof Ellis is Chair of Environmental Planning in the School of Natural and Built Environment. His key research interests are in planning and sustainability, renewable energy, planning governance and healthy urban planning. He has published widely on these topics and is a Co-Editor of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, as well as a founding member of the Editorial Board of the new Routledge journal, Cities and Health.

In this role he is leading an initiative thinking about future impacts of COVID and other pandemics on cities.


Full academic profile: Prof G Ellis

Professor John Barry title slide
Professor John Barry

John Barry is Professor of Green Political Economy at Queen’s. His research interests include climate change policy and politics; post-growth economics and theory; civic republicanism; gender, class and environmental justice; and environmental ethics.

He is Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action at Queens, and co-chair of the Belfast Climate Commission. He is a Co-Investigator on the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN), for whom he also co-hosts a podcast.


Full academic profile: Prof John Barry

Dr Amanda Slevin title slide
Dr Amanda Slevin

Dr Slevin’s research centres on anthropogenic climate change; multi-level climate action; social inequalities, energy conflicts and just transition; sustainability praxis; policy frameworks, decision-making and practices surrounding climate action and hydrocarbon extraction.

She is Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action at Queens, co-established and supports development of Belfast Climate Commission and its working groups, and is a Policy Fellow with PCAN.


Full academic profile: Dr Amanda Slevin



Dr Robert Best EEECS Energy, power and intelligent control
Dr Siobhan Cox NBE Contaminated Sites
Dr Rory Doherty NBE Circular economy
Dr Peter Doran Law Wellbeing economy, rights of nature
Dr Wesley Flannery NBE Coastal and marine governance; climate change
Dr Nuala Flood NBE Climate Change adaptation of the built environment
Dr Raymond Flynn NBE Environmental microbiology
Dr Viviane Gravey HAPP Environmental policy (EU/Brexit)
Dr Nicole Gui CCE Hydrogen production
Dr Ruth Hunter NBE Urban environment, public health
Dr John Karamichas SSESW Environmental justice
Dr Madjid Karimirad NBE Off-shore wind turbines
Professor Greg Keeffe NBE Sustainable cities
Dr Christina Kelly NBE Maritime ecosystem sustainability
Dr Karen Kerr SSESW Environmental education
Dr Sun in Kim MAE Optimisation in energy and power systems
Dr Louise Kregting NBE Environmental impacts of marine renewables
Dr Xueqin Liu EEECS Smart grids
Professor Alberto Longo IGFS Environmental valuation, agri-food
Dr Haresh Manyar CCE Green Chemistry
Dr Agustina Martire NBE Active transport
Dr Geoffrey McCullough MAE Catalyst modelling; engine emissions reduction
Professor Sean McLoone EEECS Energy, power and intelligent control
Dr Donal Mullan NBE Climate change scenarios
Dr Andrew Newton NBE Carbon capture and storage
Professor Diarmuid O'Donovan MHLS Environmental health
Dr Ulrich Ofterdinger NBE Environmental health
Professor Peter Robertson CCE Photocatalysis, solar energy
Professor Helen Roe NBE Wetlands and coastal environments
Dr Hiroki Shin HAPP History of energy, transport and environment
Dr Beatrice Smyth MAE Clean energies, circular economy
Dr Laura Steele QMS Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability
Professor Gosia Swadzba-Kwasny CCE Green and sustainable chemistry
Dr Graeme Swindles NBE Earth system science, climate change
Dr Jelena Vlajic QMS Circular Economy