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7 simple ways we’ll help you settle into Queen’s Accommodation

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1.We offer a turn-key service

Elms BT2 room

When you get here, your room’s ready to go. All you have to do is collect your fob - it will give you access to your building, your corridor and your bedroom. One of our Residential Co-ordinators will be on hand to help you get your bearings.




2.Speaking of Residential Life Co-ordinators…

 Residential life

They’re humans – (really!) – and you can ask them anything. There are five in total, along with 24 Residential Assistants in the Residential Life team, and the team is growing. They wear nice sweatshirts and give friendly advice. They even organise and promote social events and trips. You’ll find them in the Residential Team Office in the lower ground floor of the Treehouse in BT9 and on-site at BT1 and BT2.

3. We worry about the practical stuff (so you don’t have to)


Our Residential Team do all the safety stuff (like regular fire and health and safety checks). They also provide details on free and confidential support services. Many of them are students just like you, so they know what you’re going through. Your bills are also inclusive of contents insurance and utility bills, so you don’t need to worry about those, either.

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4. We’re always here for a cuppa

If you feel lonely or homesick or need encouragement to join in social events or to make new friends, our nightly drop-in service is where you can call in and talk about any issue.

5. We’ll show you the ropes


When you’re ready, we’ll take you on a tour of your new home, whether it be the facilities at Elms BT9 and the Lounge at the Treehouse – a venue for events, chilling out or playing computer and board games, surfing on the bank of PCs - or discovering the common areas and nearby amenities in BT1 and BT2.

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6. We’ll help you make new friends

Friends Elms

We’ve an extensive social programme of events happening at Elms BT9, BT1 and BT2, and other venues around campus, organised trips and outings, and a full social programme. Social events to help you get to know fellow students are advertised on our Facebook page.

7. We come in handy for things like housekeeping 

Need a hoover? You can borrow a hoover from reception and the Treehouse reception for 30, WHOLE minutes at a time (I know, that’s longer than we’ve ever hoovered for, too). Just leave your student card as a deposit, and get it back when you return it. Other handy services include Lost Property, a free taxi phone in reception, and mail services.


PS Cleaning of public spaces and corridors is included  - all part of the service! 

 Cleaning Elms


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